Tops to Throw

Onion Top

This top was and still is found just about everywhere on Earth and is enjoyed by young and old alike.
Its metal point makes it ideal for exterior use.

spinning top famous

Dimension : ~ Ø 6,0 / h 11,0 cm
Min age : 7 year old
Price : 24.- €

Doggy Top

This is a traditional North African top.
Young children can set it spinning because even if dropped it begins to turn.
After launching it can be taken out on a lead and made to jump.

Spintop wood

Dimension : ~ Ø 6.0 / h 6,0 cm
Min age : 5 year old
Price : 28.- €

Japanese Thrown Top

This is a traditional Japanese top.
It can be thrown with great precision and spins at very high speed. Contrary to the Onion Top this is an interior model.

japanese spintop

Dimension : ~ Ø 4,5 / h 6,0 cm
Min age : 5 year old
Price : 20.- €
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