Educational Activities

During craft markets we have noticed that many people are fascinated by watching tops spinning.
Watching tops makes everyone want to handle them while the hidden physical phenomena which give them their magic, incite us to wonder what makes them work.
Thus was born the desire to expand our knowledge of the functioning and understanding of this interesting world, and share it with others.
Organisation of the Educational Discovery Day:-
● Presentation
● Watching of a 20 minute, documentary video made by us, about the history, fabrication and various sorts of spinning tops found throughout the world.
● Assembly of a top specially designed to facilitate the understanding of simple physics of spinning tops. (Drawings formed by the rotation of a crayon, changes in speed and centre of gravity, disturbance of a top in motion.)
● Making optical-effect disks adapted for this model of top.

● Demonstration of more than twenty models of top from our collection which will charm teacher and children alike. This show allows the spectators to discover spinning tops in their many incredible forms.
● Opportunity to try all the models.
● A feed-back session ends this unforgettable day.

We take pleasure through our educational activities and all the models of spinning top we produce, in bringing new life to this game which has become increasingly rare.
The astonishment and focused attention of children during discovery days we have hosted, have convinced us that many more successful activity days lie ahead.

Animator : Michel and or Patricia
Daily rate : 200€
Optional purchase of optical-effect disk, per child : 2€

Spinning top drawing Spinning top pencil Spinning top spiral illusion spinning top children trying spinning top Top demonstration spintop School spintop children spin top School